About Us

We are manufacturers of unique, sustainable and durable pieces. C’est le Pérou is a brand that represents the tradition, culture and diversity of art creators consolidated in one product. Our production values are to respect the individual, his community and the internal and external environment.

What We Do

C’est le Pérou is a company dedicated to the production, marketing and distribution of sustainable products using 100% durable resources. We are creators of products that have a high added value in their production quality and their finishing. C’est le Pérou is passionate about art, managing to adapt exclusive and practical products that will last over time.


Our primary purpose is to provide our customer satisfaction and to position itself in the international market as an artisan brand that represents the richness of cultural diversity.


Being an icon in the representation of cultural diversity made in art. Consolidating our values for the respect of the individual, his environment and guaranteeing the perpetuity of human art in each product.

Some Products